JFK loved Ian Fleming's creation of James Bond so this intriguing novel may not be as far-fetched as you think.

Great fun! Makes you want to buy big sunglasses and fly to Paris.

A bold book that makes you rethink one of our most beloved 20th century American icons.

In her last year as an editor, Jacqueline Onassis was actually working on an espionage story that intersected with her own life at key points.  I can imagine her paging through Paris To Die For with a wicked smile.

Paris to Die For is a frothy romp through the City of Love with a determined young Jackie Bouvier. It goes down with a tickle, like a fine Champagne.

Jackie.  Oh!  Like never before.  If you like suspense, romance, Paris, and Dior you'll love this book.

Having known the real Jackie, I can say that she loved adventure—and had a fantastic sense of curiosity—and our imagined heroine here is likewise enterprising, brave, and fun to follow.

Interesting and insightful...explores the early adventures of our 35th first lady as Jackie struggles to find herself pre-John F. Kennedy. Leaving behind the privileged life of her wealthy parents to serve her country in clandestine, death-defying adventures, Jackie never has a dull moment in Paris to Die For.

A ravishing romp through post-war Paris with our most elegant of icons. C'est un livre extraordinaire!