Spy in a Little Black Dress

Spy in a Little Black Dress

The second in the thrilling chronicles of Jacqueline Bouvier as a CIA operative finds our heroine deep under cover in Cuba.

Jackie’s CIA boss, Allen Dulles, has given her a new assignment: under cover as a tourist, she will go to Havana, Cuba, and ascertain the intentions of a young revolutionary opposed to the dictatorial regime of Fulgencio Batista. His name is Fidel Castro. During the course of her investigation, she encounters a dashing congressman, John F. Kennedy, but their first meeting ends in disaster. Soon, Jackie is being harassed by the Stasi (East Germany’s Secret Police), dancing alongside Frank Sinatra in steamy Cuban nightclubs, and fighting for her life. In addition, she’s beginning to have feelings for her co-agent—and is torn between her love for him and her burgeoning feelings for the handsome congressman at home.

  • James Bond meets Charade in this glamorous spy series about Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy’s fictitious adventures as an unofficial CIA agent. Inspired by classic films like North by Northwest, SPY IN A LITTLE BLACK DRESS is a fast-paced read, blending suspense, romance, and high fashion with tongue-in-cheek humor.
  • This edition contains a teaser chapter from the first novel in the series, Paris to Die For (GCP, 7/11).
  • The series is inspired by an actual letter filed in the John F. Kennedy Library written by Jackie and revealing her job offer from the newly formed CIA.
  • 2012 marks the 50thanniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which presents unique publicity opportunities as JFK and Havana are featured prominently in SPY IN A LITTLE BLACK DRESS.
  • Maxine Kenneth is the writing team of Maxine Schnall and Kenneth Salikof. Salikof is a screenwriter and independent book editor and lives in New York City. Schnall is a Pulitzer Prize nominee and former CBS radio talk show host and lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 


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